Gift Ideas for the Travel- Lover (and read why we recommend it!)

Need a last minute gift for the travel- lover in your life? Or want to send us a present? jk! Here are some great ideas for a gift this holiday season!

Poncho: The first day we were hiking Machu Picchu earlier this year it down-poured the whole first day! But we had two ponchos, so we were nice and dry! Read more about Peru here.


GoPro: We love our GoPro! It takes the best pictures, plus it is perfect for rain, snow or underwater! We would not have been able to capture these underwater pictures in Tahiti without it! Read about Tahiti here.


Backpack: Call it cheesy, but we both use the same exact backpack. It is the perfect size for day hikes. Read about our hike in Kite Lake here.


Neck Pillow: We use a neck pillow on every trip. It helps you sleep on the plane and helps combat jet lag.


Waterproof bags: All of our valuables would have gotten soaked while we were hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park. But these waterproof bags saved the day! Read about Zion here.


Shell-type jacket for layering: We relied on our shell jackets in New Zealand since we were on the beach one day and hiking in the snow the next! Read more about New Zealand here.


All-weather phone case: Sand was everywhere while we were hiking in the Great Sand Dunes, but our phone cases protected our phones from the sand. Read about our Sand Dunes FAIL here.


Sturdy Hiking Boots: Needed on all hikes, but especially when we were hiking Pikes Peak!


Snow gear: You’ll need warm snow gear for almost all winter activities. Especially snowmobiling! Read about the top five winter activities in Colorado here.


What are you asking Santa for this year? Tell us in the comments!