About Us

Chris and Laura are a military couple who love to travel, explore, and make the best of each PCS (Permanent Change of Station.)

Being in the military (and married to the military) means that Uncle Sam tells us to move every 2-3 years. Some might be upset or sad to leave their comfortable lives and uproot, move and start rebuilding a new home and life. But we look forward to each move with an open heart and mind. While moving always comes with a little bit of sadness and frustration, we know that moving and exploring the country and world is a unique opportunity and we make a point of making the best of each move and new duty station. Our frequent moves allow us to explore a new part of the country around each base, but we also make time for personal travel around the world. The full-time demands of Chris’s job in the military (and often extra time due to training, deployments, and extra duties) and my full-time job may make it seem like travel and trips would be nearly impossible. However, we’ve come up with a system that allows us to work with our schedules to plan trips regularly to other countries. And most weekends we spend on trips in our surrounding area. If you want to travel, you have to make it work!

Our Story:

Chris and Laura met in 2010 at the Army vs. Navy football game in Philadelphia, PA (Go Army!). At the time, Chris was a cadet at the United States Military Academy and Laura was working and getting her Master’s Degree at New York University. Laura went to the game to support her younger brother who was also a cadet. They were introduced, exchanged numbers, and spent about 2 years in a long distance relationship.

In 2012, Chris was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA, and Laura moved there with him after completing her Master’s. They lived in Savannah, GA, where they would get engaged in 2014 and later married in 2015.


Four days after their wedding they PCS’d to Fort Huachuca, AZ. They spent six months exploring the Southwest United States and then PCS’d to Fort Carson, CO in early 2016. They currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO.



Get to know us:

Favorite Food:

Pineapple (Laura)

Ice cream (Chris)

Favorite Hike:

Kalalau Trail, Kauai (Laura)

Inca Trail (Chris)

Favorite Country Visited:

Greece (Laura)

New Zealand (Chris)

Country You’d Like to Visit:

Croatia (Laura)

Thailand (Chris) We went there! Read about it here.

Motto to Live By:

“Bloom where you are planted.” (Laura)

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” (Chris)



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